The origin of our Sammitr brand name

The name Sammitr means three ("Sam")-friends ("Mitr") in the Thai language. In 1959 Dr. Chao Posirisuk started the company as a small automotive supplier in Thailand together with two friends.


In the 60 years to come, this small "three-friends" company has now grown to be Thailands leading company for transport products and the logistics industry and is still growing.


If you want to learn more about our company, please check out www.sammitrgroup.com


The "three-friends" philosophy is still relevant today. Since our premium steel canopies weigh around 150 kg,  you will need three friends to mount your Sammitr hardtop on to your pickup truck. 


Check out this video to watch these three champs install our Sammitr V4 canopy model.